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Nebraska Football Podcast

Five Heart Podcast: Husker Football Gateway Games, The Wizard of Oz, and a Ruined Mother’s Day

I mean, what’s left to say that’s not already in the title?

Five Heart Podcast Episode 124: Fantasy Booking Nebraska National Championship QBs

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the Kentucky Derby and their choice for a Husker QB to play in one National Championship game.

Five Heart Podcast: A new Nebrasketball Podcast

Greg, Jon, and Hoss are joined by Corn Nation’s newest podcast hosts, Patrick and Nate.

Five Heart Podcast: Football Rule Changes and Attrition

Why is the NCAA making rules changes around targeting and blind side blocks?

Five Heart Podcast: Spring Game, Husker Baseball, and Dot’s Pretzels

Greg, Hoss, and Jon are joined by Corn Nation writer Keith Yaple to discuss the Spring game, Husker baseball, and a multitude of other topics.

Five Heart Podcast: Spring [Game] Fever

Greg, Hoss, and Jon preview the Spring Game, discuss Mo Washington, and Doc Sadler.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 119: Husker Hockey and Hoiberg

Greg and Jon are joined by Husker Hockey’s Reed Fuller and then the two discuss some news and notes of the week.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 118: Husker Football’s Biggest Problem and Tim Miles’ Dismissal

This week on the show, everything from Tim Miles and Bill Moos to Country Cover 3 and Hershey Park.

Five Heart Podcast: #NebrasketballStrong

The Huskers are holding on and providing a much-needed distraction to the storms that affects the state last week.

Five Heart Podcast: Nebrasketball on a Roll

Husker basketball is still alive, plus Mo Washington news, Adrian Martinez, and Nebraska winters.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 115: Hoss’ Triumphant Return

Husker Football talk and Coors Banquet to celebrate Hoss’ return.

Five Heart Podcast: Valentine’s Night with the Guys

On this week’s episode, Greg, JDJ, and Rick discuss the headlines around Husker football, Nebraska’s win over Minnesota, and recruiting!

Five Heart Podcast: Nebrasketball Makes Us Sad

Hooch and JDJ invite Patrick on the show to cry about Tim Miles’ squad.

Five Heart Podcast: Ziggy, Dedrick, and the Royal Rumble

Hooch, Hoss, and (eventually) JDJ recap some high (and low) notes in Husker athletics.

Five Heart Podcast: The Band is Back Together

Follow along to the live updates and reactions of Nebraska’s loss to MSU.

Five Heart Podcast: Early Signing Day Recap

Hoss, Hooch, JDJ, and Rick talk about the newest Huskers.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 104: Husker Football Moving Forward

Hoss and Hooch talk about some great topics in the realm of football.

Five Heart Podcast: We’re Full of Self Examination

JDJ is eager to examine himself. It’s why Corn Nation exists at all.

Five Heart Podcast: Iowa Hate Week

It’s a quick recap of the 9-6 win over Sparty and throwing a bunch of crap at the team to the east.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 100, Baby! We’re all winners today!

It’s a four-man show talking Husker football and Nebrasketball with Hooch, Hoss, JDJ, and Patrick Gerhart.

Five Heart Podcast: So Close Against OSU

Hooch, Hoss, and JDJ recap the loss against the Buckeyes and talk optimistically about the rest of the season and going forward!

Five Heart Podcast: 2-0 with Ohio State Up Next

Five Heart Podcast: WE WON! Now on to Bethune-Cookman

Hooch, Hoss, and JDJ talk about that first taste of victory and look ahead to the mighty Wildcats of Bethune-Cookman

Five Heart Podcast: Losing to Northwestern and the Chair Trophy

Five Heart Podcast: Nebraska-Northwestern Preview with InsideNU

Hoss, Hooch, and JDJ talk demon dogs and Husker football. Plus, chatting with the enemy in the form of InsideNU.

Five Heart Podcast: Good Vibes After a Loss?

Yes, it was a loss. Yes, Nebraska is 0-5. BUT...we saw some good stuff. And if you didn’t, we ask "how drunk were you?"

Five Heart Podcast: Oh Boy...It’s Time to Talk Wisconsin

Hoss and Hooch talk with Jake from B5Q and Jon from Corn Nation. In other words, it’s Friday of Wisconsin week and we have a new podcast for you!

Five Heart Podcast: Reviewing the Loss to Purdue

Hoss and Hooch lament the 0-4 start of our beloved Huskers but still look for silver linings. Hope springs eternal.

Five Heart Podcast: Talking with Purdue

Thanks to Hammer & Rails’ Travis Miller for talking a little ‘ball with us and then JDJ and Hoss join in for good times.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 90: WOOF! The Michigan Review

It wasn’t pretty. It was pretty damn ugly. But in all kinds of weather, we’ll all stick together...

Five Heart Podcast: Time to Preview the Michigan Wolverines

Hooch and Hoss sit with the enemy from Maize N Brew before being joined by Jon Johnston’s awesome self.

Five Heart Podcast Episode 88: Reviewing Nebraska’s Loss to Troy

)-2. That sucks. Let’s try to make the best of a bad situation. But it’ll take some time for us to get to that point.

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